Tuesday, December 6, 2011

The Hottest Holiday Toys at Walmart

What are the must-have toys that everyone is talking about this season? To figure out what to add to our shopping lists, we tracked the social media chatter about Walmart's Hot Holiday Toys.

Discussions about the LeapPad, the educational tablet from LeapFrog, and the competing Innotab from VTech continue to surge and from the looks of it are selling out fast. There must be alot of parents who are afraid to hand over their iPads to their 3 year-olds!

Lalaloopsy, the magical rag dolls, have been popular in social discussions the entire holiday season but have breaking out this last week.

Have you seen the new Let's Rock Elmo? He sings, he dances, he wirelessly interacts with his musical instruments. In short, Elmo rocks! It's no wonder that Elmo social media buzz has been climbing fast.

Here's how the other Hot Holiday Toys stack up on our Social Media Index.