Monday, June 10, 2013

We Predict Big Data Will Move Much Faster

@WalmartLabs has been speeding along building best-in-class e-commerce technologies that combine with the assets of the world’s biggest retailer to deliver a unique customer experience.  And, we’re finding great opportunities to go even faster by bringing in new teams and technology. We’re thrilled to announce that Inkiru will be joining @WalmartLabs, the technology arm of Walmart Global eCommerce.

Inkiru has developed an active learning system that combines real-time predictive intelligence, big data analytics and a customizable decision engine to inform and streamline business decisions.  The similarities between Inkiru and @WalmartLabs are uncanny, with both having an innovative spirit and the ability to leverage big data to improve the customer experience.

Inkiru‘s predictive analytics platform will enable us to further accelerate the big data capabilities that @WalmartLabs has propelled forward at scale…including site personalization, search, fraud prevention and marketing. Walmart’s data scientists will now be able to work with big data directly and create impact faster than ever before.

We are also pleased to welcome Inkiru’s many talented data scientists and infrastructure engineers who are helping to shape the future of commerce. Among those joining us are Vijay Raghavendra, a technology executive with expertise in building and scaling commerce, payments and risk management platforms and applications for virtual goods and traditional online retailers; Jaya Kolhatkar, a preeminent data scientist who has held many successful roles building and leading data science teams in commerce and payments; and Yitao Yao, a software architect and visionary with 20+ years of experience in architecting, designing, and implementing large scale software systems.  In addition, Inkiru’s founder, Alok Bhanot, will join @WalmartLabs as a full time advisor to help the team deliver the next generation predictive analytics platform.

With this latest addition, we are taking another big leap forward in delivering great customer experiences…anytime, anywhere.