Monday, May 20, 2013

Discovery shopping with Pinterest’s more useful “Product Pins”

An experiment we’re “inspired” to explore here @WalmartLabs is discovery shopping. How can we offer solutions that make the shopping experience visually inspiring, fun and helpful? That’s why we’re excited is among one of the first websites to unveil “product pins” today on Pinterest. 

With these more useful pins, people can now view more product information on Walmart’s pins, including the product’s every day low price. Get started by following us on Pinterest.

We’ve started experimenting with discovery shopping when we noticed Pinterest users were pinning product images from without our help. Products that were pinned ranged from everyday products to surprisingly practical discoveries.

For one of our first Pinterest experiments, we curated popular pins into an inspired shopping experience called Spark Studio. Here, shoppers could be inspired by Walmart shoppers on Pinterest. 

We’ve heard some amazing feedback from our users so far about their discoveries. Comments like “I never knew Walmart sold that” or “I discovered this product was much less expensive than I realized” demonstrated the power of the crowd and the thrill of discovery shopping.

We’re also experimenting with Pinterest and discovery shopping on our home page. When we launched a new design for earlier this month, we unveiled a new “Trending” tab that provides a dynamic snapshot of products that are currently trending based on recent pins from Pinterest.

We’re excited to continue leveraging these better product pins to inspire our shoppers and direct qualified traffic to Watch for more inspirations to come out from @WalmartLabs this year.